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Someone can give me a suggestion please


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after received in track 3 in Mehlem a S train (2xBr425) from Wuppertal i have a problem revoking overlap. Please someone can give me a suggestion for excat sequence of command when train is on track 3.

Thanks Diego

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Hey Diego!

The overlap route can't revoke automaticly because the train hasn't occupy the last section before the target-signal.

(this is absolutely necessary for the automatik overlap revoke)

So at the moment there is only one possibility to "kill" the overlap route.

1. Be sure that the trains stops correctly on the platform.

2. Use FHT - R201 - N33

3. Use DHT - N33

Number 2 and 3 are counted on the auxillary printer, because this actions can be unsecure.

I think on the original signal-box there is in 2012 a short entry-route to 33 who ends before Ls 33R1

(Note that the panel you see is from 1996!)

I hope i can help you and my english isn't too poor.

SpDrS 60

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Thanks for your reply. Now i can dispatch trains in Mehlem without problems !

have a good Sunday


No problem Your english is better than mine !

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