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Bugs at Zentralstellwerk Köln Hbf

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Hello. I was dispatching at Köln, when I experienced a HUGE, terrible bug!

I started at around 5:55 AM, september 3th, 1993, with the following difficulty:

Engineerings Works: Frequent

Irregularites and Failures: Minimal

Switch Greasing: Frequent

Station Dwelling Delays: None

Extra Trains: None

Poor Weather: None

Delays: None

Delay Severity: Normal

I got a phone from Engineering Manager Heinz Schmöle, telling me that Track 043 had to be earthed:


After around 10 seconds later, he called me back, telling me the following:


I tought it was a little bit strange that he finnished the job in just 5-10 seconds.

10-20 seconds later, I got around 20 phone calls at the same time! I have just got max two phone calls before, at the same time. This time I got 20.


This is what the engineer of train 77610 told me.

First: Engineering Manager calls me, because he want to earth track 043

Second: He is finnished earthing track 043

Third: Train 77610 stops because the catenary was earthed on track 051. (Why didn't the engineering manager told me that he also wanted to earth track 051?)

List of the trains at Köln Hbf at this time:




The station:


So ... I have no idea what happened here. The engineers had completed the job, so I have no idea what happened. I don't think it's my fault, and I am sure it's a bug.

I just wanted to tell you what happened.

Thank you,


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not a huge big bug... it's a known issue.

1. you don't have a catenary plan

2. the catenary system is not active in the cologne system.

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