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Co-operation Button (ZGT) - W Langerfeld


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I appear to be able to set a route from W-Oberbarmen towards W-Langerfeld without the use of the Co-operation button. If I set the route to line 651 or 652 and then set a route from signal R651 or R652 into the yard (say line 520) then both the signal in Oberbarmen and R651 or R652 clear.

Is this correct or does the co-operation button only come into play for multi-player?

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(unless my German colleagues state otherwise ;-) )

I was about to say "Bug", but after reviewing the situation, I think this is ok

The critical thing is that your are setting a route starting at 651 resp. 652. By doing that, you are more or less indicating that you are expecting a train from KWO station.

In other words, by doing that, it does not make any sense to have to apply the co-operation button to "tell" your colleague that he may send a train towards that signal.

Things get different when the responsible dispatcher of sig 651 and 652 is not able to directly set a route starting at 651 or 652. As those track sections are both just 250m, he then must decide whether it is wise to let a train in upto signal 651 / 652 or not. If he does, he must make sure that the tail of the train will not keep the section between 253 / 254 and 651 / 652 occupied too long (thus blocking other traffic)

In other words: ZGT is only needed when a train is to be allowed to drive upto sig 651 / 652, without any further routes being set for the moment

Now, let's wait and see if I am correct on this :-)


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Thanks - that does make sense - I might have my UK hat on thinking about slotted signals - where the accepting signaller still needs to provide a slot irrespective of whether or not the route has been set beyond his first controlled signal.

Part of my confusion was getting the ZGT button to work, but I cracked that when I pushed the right ZGT button.

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