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Route stays in N6-N701


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I have noticed that if I have a train signalled from N6 to N701 and then set a route from B151 to N6 with the right hand overlap selected that there are instances when the route set for the previous train doesn't drop out.

This appears to be the case if you set the latter route when the first train is still occupying track 087.

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oh, it might be a combination of factors.

No, we hadn't got time to look at it yet. We can't update either this very moment. At this moment we're extending the platform with a load of new code for the Stations of Duisburg Hbf, Düsseldorf-Gerresheim (a Sp Dr S 600 box!), Kirchhain & Marburg as well as Fulda, Essen Hbf, Oberhausen Hbf, and a couple of other new layouts/systems. That's a whole chunk of code and data work.

It's somewhat planning to bring it all out before Christmas...

What I know about your situation: there are certain cases where an overlap route interlinks with a directly adjacent route. (so the overlap route ends where a track occupation starts and another route is being set ahead of that track occupation.

This interlinking can't happen if there's a signal in between that overlap route and the track occupation, as far as we know.

As it only happens now-and-then is finding the actual case very difficult unless we have a reproduction of the error. This means we must be able to start the sim, set the routes and then "it should happen".

Finding such a set up is difficult. Especially when one said: I started at 9 am, played for 5 hours and then it happened. We can't go through the 5 hours of sim to see it happen. So we have to look carefully for a very short time frame that it happens.

And that makes that such "bugs" come on the "to do list". Sometimes we stumble over it by luck. (whether by testing or by stumbling over it in the about 3 million lines of code...)

So yes we're aware. If it happens, simply use the FRT/FHT button to release the part of the unwanted route, when the trains are standing...

And you think we're "slow".... The railways are similar... if such technical bugs appear, it can take weeks as well before it's solved. Just because of the complexity of the system.

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Thanks for your update.

I don't recall specifically mentioning slow response, the reason for my post was more to check that my comment hadn't been missed as I'd imagine that monitoring a forum with one language is challenging enough let alone one with several.

No issue with your comment regarding the difficulties in replicating issues reported, although to be fair in this particular case it shouldn't be too difficult to replicate as you just need a train routed down that particular line.

I do report bugs on another Signalling Simulation and where possible I will always try and provide a saved file or detailed description of the potential bug. For example I attached a saved file when I noticed yesterday that an Automatic Signal had cleared when it should have still been displaying a Stop signal resulting in two trains in the section!

Good to see that a lot of new simulations are in development, although there is always the challenge of supporting existing simulations at the same time.

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Thanks for your kind words!

The biggest challenge at the moment is not adding/changing a feature and "breaking" older sims. We've currently set up an awesome team of people that are seriously helping us making the sims even better.

There are a whole lot of other developments going on from a professional side of the business.... unfortunately too early to talk about.

one interesting, public, thing is already: https://www.tu-braunschweig.de/ifev/betriebslabor

We're REALLY busy, having great fun, but the days only have 24 hours.

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