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Timetable first aid


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Please if my frien Erwin is on forum i have a question for him

as i like very much to modify or recreate my own timetables in acces i tried to make this activity to Main Weser Bahn timetablebut i have a problem. I Cant find column timetablestops ?

I tried to use an old timetable (good for kleinstadt) and introducing trains with SPAWN directions timetable is good and work fine but theproblem is that if i introduce in timetablestops column as in old timetables..........................,Kirchhain,1,1,--:--,19:15,0.............................. in timetabl windows train dosent have stops !

Please Erwin confirm o me if i can use old timetable and after what word i must introduce to identify Kirchhain, Anzefahr and Burgeln

Thanks for reply

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Don't panic. The timetable creator (Nopileos) has hidden the "Timetablestops" column.
Hence my Italian is not that good, here is the prodedure to unhide any columns in English:

  • Open the table "Timetable"
  • Right click on the header of the table (so the one with all the column-names like "Train ID" etc, you should get an option named something like "Make columns visible"
  • Now you should get a full list of all available columns. Scroll down and see that the column "Timetablestops" has been unchecked. Put a check in it, and there you go

With respect to the stops

  • Kirchhain is to be identified as "Kirchhain (Bz Kassel)"
  • Marburg is to be identified as "Marburg (Lahn)"

... in the Timetablestops field

But you will see that for yourself once you have succeeded in unhidding the Timetablestop field


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OK Erwin. In Italian the option is named...................Scopri colonne (translation in English ......Uncover columns.........................) After this step it is necessary to flag all not visible columns

and now i can introduce some strange trains !

Thanks as always for your aid


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