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Setting a route with occupied overlap leads to route-fragments

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Let's say I have two trains following eachother: first the 1234, followed by 2345.

The 1234 is waiting at the platform at the start signal (let's say signal B).

The 2345 is waiting at the home signal (signal A) to enter the same track.

- I set a route for 1234 from signal B (to the outer start signal, block signal, etc).

- Wait for 1234 to pass the singnal B

- Set a train route for 2345 from A to B (while 1234 is departing, and the overlap is occupied), the route locks, A remains ON (overlap occupied)

- As 1234 leaves the area, instead of releasing the full route behind, it will release only the overlap belonging to the route A-B, the remaining route remains locked.

Is this realistic?

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